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Carefully Read Instructions:

We consistently stress the importance of carefully reading and understanding all of the instructions accompanying the case. We will not proceed until everything is crystal clear and, if necessary, we will call you for clarification. Should you have any general instructions that you may want us to post with all of your cases – simply let us know in advance and our computerized system will automatically print them every time we receive a case from you.


Accurate Occlusion:

Consistently achieving accurate occlusion is a task requiring a high level of accuracy from every technician, plus total control of all the variables associated with the materials involved in the fabrication process. For your convenience, we have developed several types of occlusion, each having a different amount of occlusal clearance. Each type is coded (for example, we have A-type, B-type, C-type occlusions) and precisely controlled. Simply tell us which type of occlusion works best for you and it will be consistently used every time.

Ray Precise Fit Photo

Precise Fit:

Precise fit is achieved by carefully trimming margins under magnification (we will call you if we are unsure about the margin), using technicians with extremely precise accuracy, and using light-cured, resin-based die spacers, which make the surface of the die virtually indestructible eliminating almost any possibility of scratching or distorting the die during the fabrication process.

Chad molar 1

Correct Contour and Anatomy:

The technicians who are responsible for contour, anatomy, and final look of every restoration are artistically inclined and are able to achieve the look that not only corresponds with clinically correct function, but also closely resembles nature, and matches characteristics of surrounding teeth.


Correct Shade:

Correct shades are achieved by correct combination of the dentin and incisal porcelains, utilizing color corrective lights, and making sure that the technician responsible for shade control is capable of realizing the most intricate color variations.


Highest Quality Materials:

Only the highest quality materials are used in every restoration (supplied to us by companies like Ceramco, Ney, Dentsply, Argen, Degussa, and Pentron). We believe that if materials are compromised then more labor (which is our highest expense) will be required, not to mention the fact of less satisfactory result and a greater possibility of remakes. Our long term cost effectiveness is based on technical abilities, customer retention and minimal remakes. If you prescribe non-precious metals – “Medically Pure” Tilite® Ceramic Alloy with Titanium is the ultimate choice. Talladium’s Tilite® Alloys are I.S.O. 9002 Certified and have earned the CE mark. They have the same qualifications as artificial heart valves, joint implants and bone splints. All alloys are biocompatible with living tissue and can be used with implants. They also provide the strongest porcelain-to-metal bond of any non-precious alloy.


Life-like Porcelain:

Vital-looking restorations are the result of minimal (0.2 mm) thickness of metal copings and correctly applied layers of porcelain. Material handling is crucial in achieving the look of a natural dentition. Everything from porcelain storage, to mixing liquids to condensing instruments is important. Double-opaqueing method assures the strongest possible porcelain-to-metal bond.


Quality Control:

Every stage of production has to pass our quality control check before the fabrication process can continue. Everything will have to be done perfectly, no matter how much time it takes. No compromises.


Well Trained Technicians:

We believe that finding the right individuals and a high level of technical training is essential. To work in our laboratory, technicians must be quality oriented, artistically inclined, have good memory, be precise and understand that their employment advancement is directly connected to the dentist / patient satisfaction. Every aspect of fabrication is looked at as an individual task, which requires training, thorough understanding and exercise to achieve the level of quality and consistency of which we can be proud.


Accurate Contacts:

Our definition of an accurate interproximal contact is a passive contact (a contact without pressure) that is correctly adapted to the contact area of the adjacent tooth. All of our contacts are double-checked on second unsectioned models to assure maximum accuracy. Extreme care is stressed when adjusting the contacts, since porcelain and contact tape can damage the delicate model, which can result in tight contacts.